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The Speaking Specialists are at the forefront of providing leadership training for athletes all over the country. Our program has been used by the United States Olympic Committee to provide training for American Olympians after they compete in the Games and has been relied upon by numerous NCAA school and conference student-athlete advisory committees.

The program offers lessons in dealing with key issues facing student-athletes in today’s world of the internet and social networking sites as well as preparing them for job interviews. In addition, our interactive program teaches key elements of speaker and communications’ training that the athletes can take back to their respective schools and team members.

In addition to the Olympics, the leadership program has been conducted for the NCAA Leadership Conference,; Division 1 Conferences such as the Atlantic Coast Conference, Big XII, Missouri Valley Conference, Division II Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference and Division IIII NEWMAC. Student-athlete leadership groups from such schools as Harvard, Northwestern, Indiana, Florida, Mount Holyoke and Valparaiso have relied on the Speaking Specialists to provide an entertaining, informative
program for their student-athletes.

The program gets participants involved; it is not a lecture or power-point presentation; student-athletes are put into positions where they must offer strong opinions and recommendations on the many issues facing professional, college and amateur athletes today. It also helps prepare them for dealing with crisis communication should they elect to continue a career in college or professional athletics administration. In addition, a key off shoot of the program has been an interactive session for upperclassmen who are looking to enter the job market and need the type of professional communication and interview skills needed to compete for jobs in a competitive market place.

The Speaking Specialists know the issues, the terminology and teaching methods that make this program an essential part of any team or school’s professional development program.

Instructional handouts are provided to both student-athletes, coaches and administrators alike as well as complete DVD records of the sessions for participants to review.

Contact us for more information, availability, fees and to design a leadership training program for your school.

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