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The Internet continues to have a profound impact on everyone.

Facebook... Twitter... e-mail... text messaging... YouTube... Wikipedia... picture phones... All of these have created a new set of issues and challenges as part of the 21st century media.

We work to help everyone understand the implications of going on-line and how everything can become public. We show videotaped examples of everyone from athletes to executives who have faced the consequences of using social media inappropriately. Reporters, prospective employers, professors, and the public in general can all access what many thought were 'private pages'. A portion of our media training program looks at the opportunities and pitfalls of the web.

We also address the anti-social website devoted entirely to misbehavior and embarrassing images that have changed the media landscape. In our sessions, we stress that in any type of public situation and that today, everyone is a reporter. Itís a new world and we provide the tools to raise awareness through interaction and role-playing.

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