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Teaching good sportsmanship is a hallmark of every program in the country and the Speaking Specialists have a program that is a perfect fit for any college, university or conference in the country. Through their two decades of providing training for athletes and coaches, the Speaking Specialists have the premier program in the country for re-enforcing the key elements of on and off the field behavior critical for providing the best representation for your school.

Athletes will go through the same interactive, entertaining leadership training program the Speaking Specialists have conducted for the USA Summer and Winter Olympic teams, the NFL, Major League Baseball, USA Track and Field, USA Basketball and the more than 100 colleges, universities and conferences across the USA.

Controversial actions and decisions dot the sports’ landscape every day with poor sportsmanship and behavior both by student-athletes, coaches and fans drawing increased media attention on everything from television to the internet. These actions also affect recruiting, fund raising and fan support for college athletic programs. The Speaking Specialists conduct a program that allows participants to review view taped examples of good – and bad – instances of sportsmanship of other athletes in all sports and discuss how best to improve their behavior in an instructive, interactive way. We also teach the importance of dealing with social networking sites as part of representing you, yourself and your school in a positive way for all to see. This program helps to foster leadership, team building and communication skills that are an invaluable resource for themselves and their programs.

Student-athletes, coaches and staffs have gone through the program at all times during the year, based on your schedule. Sessions’ length ranges from 60 to 90 minutes depending upon the availability of participants. Many schools elect to do this as part of their orientation program , as part of team meetings or in a general session to allow student-athletes from other sports to interact with each other. In addition, the sportsmanship program is offered as a key element of regular student-athlete advisory (SAAC) meetings or at regular coach/administrator monthly meetings.

Contact us for more information, availability, fees and to design a sportsmanship training program for your school.

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