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Who - The Speaking Specialists are the leaders in the field in providing communications, leadership, speech and sportsmanship training to student-athletes in all levels as well as the American athletes who have represented the USA in the Olympics since 2000. The company is nearing its 20th anniversary as the cost-effective resource for colleges, universities, conferences and professional athletes.

What - A comprehensive, interactive program designed to generate thought and discussion among student-athletes facing the top issues of today. Specific emphasis is given toward practicing good sportsmanship both on and off the playing field and representing their school, team and themselves in a positive light in everything from helping in recruiting to job interviews. Athletes will go through the same program the Speaking Specialists have conducted
for the USA Summer and Winter Olympic team, the
National Basketball Association, USA Track
and Field, USA Basketball and the NCAA
Leadership Conference.

Where - Sessions have been conducted on more than 100 college and university campuses through student-athlete advisory committees, staff and coaching meetings, major organization conventions such as the American Football Coaches Association, National Association of Basketball Coaches, Womens Basketball Coaches Association, National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletes, National Association of Collegiate Women Administrators,
NCAA Lifeskills Directors and the NCAA
Leadership Conference.

When - Student-athletes, coaches and staffs have gone through the program at all times during the year. Sessions’ length ranges from 60 minutes to a half-day, depending upon the availability of participants. Often conducted around regular SAAC or staff meetings, the Speaking Specialists work with administrations to schedule the sessions.

Why - Controversial actions and decisions dot the sports’ landscape every day with poor sportsmanship and behavior both by student-athletes, coaches and fans drawing increased media attention on everything from television to the internet. Conducting an interactive program where participants can view taped examples of good – and bad – instances of sportsmanship fosters leadership and speaking skills that are an invaluable resource for themselves and their

How - Contact the Speaking Specialists and review their impressive list of references of schools that rely on these sessions for their athletic programs. Fees are negotiated on a school-by-school basis.

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