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      Top Ten List of Job Interview Tips

ANTICIPATE QUESTIONS: Be prepared ahead of time for the type of questions you will receive. Know they will ask about your educational background and work experience; have answers in mind about why you would be a good fit for the company.

INTERNET OPTIONS: Know they may have already "googled" you to find out information about your background. Make sure information on a "My Space," or "Facebook," is professional and devoid of anything inappropriate.

INTRODUCTION: Say your name slowly and clearly. Offer a firm handshake. When responding back to the interviewer(s), take a conservative approach. Respond with a formal title, e.g. "nice to meet you Mr. Jones, Ms. Street" and let them decide whether you should call them by their first names.

PHYSICAL ANIMATION: Emphasize eye contact: look toward the person who is asking the questions; avoid looking up or down; use physical animation to help strengthen your voice and responses.

NEUTRALIZE NEGATIVITY: Often times interviewers will ask what are some of your weaknesses; turn them around into positives. Don't repeat back the negative language in the questions: don't start a response by saying, "yes, it's true I donít have or lack."

WORK FROM THE RESUME: Avoid repeating things verbatim from your resume. The interviewer can see what your list of accomplishments are; be anecdotal and tell stories about your work and educational experiences.

PACE OF SPEECH: Speak with high energy but avoid talking too fast. It is proper if not recommended to pause before answering. Keep your responses crisp and to the point; avoid rambling. Have as much energy at the end of your response as you do for the beginning. This will help avoid the dreaded, "well," "you know," "I mean," etc.

BEVERAGE OF CHOICE: If asked if you want something to drink before or during the interview, request only water. It will serve to help keep your throat from drying up. Avoid any carbonated beverages, coffee or tea.

YOUR OWN QUESTIONS: Often times interviewers will ask at the end if you have any questions. Have at least one that you can ask to them; it will demonstrate strength and that you have done your homework about that particular company.

CONCLUSION: At the end, shake hands with those who participated in the interview and offer a "thank you" to all who participated. Make sure they have your contact information (phone, email address) and make sure you have a professional sounding answering machine/voice mail message.

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