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The Speaking Specialists Meet With UAB Student-Athletes

August 20, 2007

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - UAB's student-athletes received some good lessons and helpful advice the past two days as they were treated to presentations from "The Speaking Specialists", Sue Castorino and Randy Minkoff, about proper media procedures and interview etiquette.

Castorino and Minkoff delivered their initial presentation on Sunday evening at UAB's Student-Athlete Welcome Back gathering at Bartow Arena, followed by multiple smaller group sessions on Monday morning.

Castorino founded The Speaking Specialists, which is based in Chicago, Ill., in 1986. She now runs the company with Minkoff, who is also her husband.

The pair provides media training, crisis communication, issue management, public speaking instruction and private coaching to individuals and groups around the nation.

Castorino and Minkoff have developed an outstanding reputation through the years and their list of clients includes nearly 70 universities, almost 20 collegiate conferences and more than 20 professional football, baseball and basketball organizations.

They have also worked with several USA Olympic teams and various individual Olympians and professional athletes. Some of their clients include Lebron James, Mia Hamm, Greg Oden and Jenny Thompson.

With such an outstanding resume, UAB was privileged to have Castorino and Minkoff speak to its student-athletes over the past two days. Sunday's presentation was given to every student-athlete at UAB and included some interactive demonstrations. On Monday morning, the duo did some smaller group sessions with selected athletes from each of UAB's 16 sports.

"The skills that Sue and Randy bring are incredible," said UAB women's basketball head coach Audra Smith. "We were thrilled to have them on campus.

"Having the opportunity to meet with them and talk about the details of dealing with the media was extremely helpful to our team and the coaching staff. I believe that having the chance to have a session with them will definitely benefit our team during the upcoming season."

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