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      9 Steps for Dealing with
        21st Century Communications

EMAIL. Even with the most secure systems, e-mail should be treated like any interview. Donít say or write anything in an e-mail you would not want to see published or broadcast.

TEXT MESSAGING. Like e-mail, text messaging can be passed on from one recipient to another, either knowingly or unknowingly. Even in short text messages, treat them all as if they were being viewed by everyone.

FACEBOOK/MY SPACE. Be extremely careful of text or pictures you place on social websites. They can be viewed by people beyond your own social neighborhood including rival teams, sponsors and even employers.

PICTURE PHONE. Photos taken by picture phones are considered public as well and with sites such as they can be published and viewed by everyone including the reporters and the media. Treat them the same as e-mail and text messaging.

YOU TUBE. Donít assume the camera is limited to the interview. Actions you take off the court or playing field can be snapped by anyone with a picture phone or video camera, placed on You Tube and be viewed by millions of people including the media (and sites such as,

VOICE MAIL. Voice mail messages are simple recordings that can be played back to anyone at anytime. Similar to e-mail, be careful and sound professional in messages on a voice mail system.

BLOGS. Increasingly fans, potential employers and the media are turning to blogs for sources of information. If you write your own blog or internet diary, remember it can be viewed by anyone.

WEBSITES. Like blogs, organizational and team websites are a popular source of information. Make sure you work with your public relations staff to keep information updated and correct. Remember many are capable of doing video streaming which means it has a potentially large viewing audience.

WIKIPEDIA. An unregulated encyclopedia of information that can profile you, your team or organization. Increasingly popular, changes can be made without your knowledge or permission. If it happens, contact them immediately to get the information corrected.

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