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Judy Stand By Her Man

February 9, 2004

The clear winner in all last night's presidential palaver was Dean - Judy Dean, image experts said. Although hubby Howard got mixed reviews for his performance in the debate, they said the missus came to the rescue in a "Primetime Thursday" interview and probably won him votes.

Sue Castorino, president of the Chicago-based Speaking Specialists who trains athletes and corporate executives, said, "Dean didn't embarass himself in the debate but he, like the others, looked programmed to be boring. It's tough to say if we've seen the real Howard Dean yet and the one who call tell us best what he's really like in his wife."

"In the interview, they were warm and cuddly, but it didn't seem hokey. It felt warm and sincere and now I think people are going to want to see the whole package, the whole family and a lot more Judy. All in all I think the interview probably got Dean some votes from women."

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